Artificial Intelligence Implementation Boot Camp

This artifiial Intelligence course will  separate reality from myth, and filter real-world applications from business media buzz. This AI class is a fast-paced, intensive literacy class which leaves you quickly equipped with a broad range of management tools to incorporate machine intelligence into your own business strategy. “AI” is a buzzword, but the actual technology behind machine learning and other machine intelligence services is very real. Although there is broad consensus among major management analysts that AI and machine learning are immediate disruptors to most technology services, there is still very little practical adoption when it comes to integrating these features.

The difficulties of adoption come with good reason. The data science and application engineering skills required to execute on a machine intelligence strategy and demonstrate concrete value from it are still the domain of only a few. But with tools such as Google’s open-source TensorFlow and others coming online all the time, suddenly much of the doctoral-level science of AI is already built into services that are more accessible to development teams. Even small wins on an AI strategy can move the needle, and competitive position is being grabbed by those that can execute.

Artifical Intelligence course Learning Objectives

By attending this Artificial Intelligence course you will walk out with some real knowledge and:

  • be able to differentiate fact from fiction on AI and machine learning topics
  • be ready to have intelligent conversations about the state of AI and ML technologies
  • exposed to real-world use cases where machine learning is working well
  • be ready to navigate tool and technology stacks associated with AI and ML, and communicate with your eng. members about requirements, needs, talent and costs
  • Design/Mange projects and programs which may incorporate aspects of AI/ML
  • Access to answers to your questions from a senior technical expert in class
  • Be informed about what AI and machine learning is well suited to do, vs. what it does not do well and the scientific and mathematical components of AI and machine learning
  • Be able to translate technical constraints and business concerns among different groups of stakeholders who may not understand the context or priorities of other parties
  • Be able to build and lead teams who bring together the requisite skill sets needed for effective AI and machine learning implementation

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