Big Data Boot Camp

This big data training course will provide a technical overview of Apache Hadoop for project managers, business managers and data analysts. Students will understand the overall big data space, technologies involved and will get a detailed overview of Apache Hadoop. The course will expose students to real world use cases to comprehend the capabilities of Apache Hadoop. Students will also learn about YARN and HDFS and how to develop applications and analyze Big Data stored in Apache Hadoop using Apache Pig and Apache Hive. Each topic will provide hands on experience to the students.

This big data course has been  developed and is taught by certified Hadoop consultants who have a passion for teaching and help deliver value to various clients using Big Data and Hadoop technologies on a daily basis.

Big Data Learning Objectives 
  • Learn about the big data ecosystem
  • Understand the benefits and ROI you can get from your existing data
  • Learn about Hadoop and how it is transforming the workspace
  • Learn how to use MapReduce and Hadoop Distributed File system
  • Learn how to use Hadoop to identify new business opportunities
  • Learn how to use Hadoop to improve data management processes
  • Learn how to useHadoop to clarify results
  • Learn how to use Hadoop to expand your data sources
  • Learn about scaling your current workflow to handle more users and lower your overall performance cost
  • Learn about the various technologies that comprise the Hadoop ecosystem 

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