About Us

About Us


Established in 2006; The Learning Initiative is The Learning Initiative is a world class consulting & training provider ofinternationally accredited skillenhancement programmes.

With a focused Service offering and distinguished customer portfolio, our company has a DNA of internationally experienced senior experts who have been trained, molded and coached to Learning Initiative’s culture and it is this that sets us apart from our competitors

The Learning Initiative has an excellent reputation and are a preferred provider of high quality training to over 100 key clients across the UAE and UK; delivering over 200+ training workshops covering a range of management & technical domains.

We have trained over 27,000+ professionals across 3 continents; This means that you can be confident your decision to invest in your education is sound.


Our Learning & Development Portfolio

  • Project Management

  • Process Management

  • Change Management

  • IT Best Practices

  • Human Capital (Leadership & Soft Skills)


The key to Organisational Excellence is combining and managing these key business critical skills and this is why we are the ideal Talent Management partner to support you.


We do not believe in delivering a service; we deliver results.

We focus on your expectations and go out of our way to ensure these are met.

Objectives & Goals

We help organizations align knowledge to practice by offering experiential management training courses & workshops that continually maintain and develop existing skills and assist in the acquisition of new skills, tools and techniques required.

Shift Capabilities to an optimum level of productivity and maturity

Deploy competence and capability into your business to get critical mass rolling

Synergise cross-functional and multi-disciplinary teams across your organization

Contribute to intellectual capital through applied knowledge

Effectively save time, money and additional crucial resources

Network and learn from colleagues with cross-industry experience

Prepare your advancement with the confidence of success